Dust Reduction in Confined Areas

13th March 2018

Dust Reduction in Confined Areas, RVT Group

RVT's Ventex 300CF Centrifugal Fan with Extended WandaFilta is particularly suited to dust control and is available in both 110 and 415 volts.

Extremely powerful, the Ventex 300CF Centrifugal Fan will deliver over 5600m³ of air per hour and is capable of duct runs of up to 80 metres in length with minimal loss of pressure. It can also extract up to the same distance.

The combination of the Ventex 300CF and the multi-staged WandaFilta will collectively capture and filter dust particles efficiently from a wide range of tasks and applications found on construction sites.

Besides the power, distance and efficiency of the Ventex 300CF Centrifugal Fan and Extended WandaFilta, this is a cost-effective piece of kit. With an easily removable, grade EU4 washable filter, there's no need to carry replacement filters for longer jobs.

Protecting the lives of site workers by minimising the risk of airborne dust is of paramount importance to RVT. Make it yours too.

Watch our demonstration video here to see how you can help protect the lives of your workforce.



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