Dust Control & Heat Trap

8th December 2017

Dust Control & Heat Trap, RVT Group

RVT's Dust Trap Pop-Up Tent is the perfect enclosure for multiple construction site applications. Its single-component construction makes this pop-up tent quick and easy to erect in many environments.

One of its key features is the 300mm extraction spigot which makes attaching a dust extractor unit extremely easy and effective.

Key applications for this product are:

  • Floor tile replacement in large internal areas such as shopping malls, railway stations and airport terminals
  • Dust containment during localised cement mixing operations
  • Heat trap for localised heating

Controlling excess dust on site is crucial in protecting the health of site workers, as well as the general public nearby. A simple yet effective pop-up tent minimises the risk of hazardous dust particles polluting the air.

Find out more and download the product sheet here.



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