Diesel Exhaust Filter Kit

19th April 2017

Diesel Exhaust Filter Kit, RVT Group

Diesel powered machinery is a common sight on construction sites. They're used for a multitude of tasks, including those within confined spaces such as top down basement excavations. When in use, they produce diesel engine exhaust emissions (DEEE's) which contain many known carcinogenic substances that when inhaled may cause serious harm to site personnel. In fact, sustained occupational exposure to DEEEs may result in an increase in the risk of lung cancer.

The RVT Magnetic Diesel Exhaust Filter Kit helps to control this hazard by effectively reducing smoke and particulate emissions from the engines.

Quick and easy to install with a long-lasting high efficiency filter element that complies with COSHH regulations, the HT340M is designed to handle hazardous and flammable fumes, and be capable of extracting and forcing air under high pressure.

Adaptable to most mobile and static diesel plant and machinery, RVT's exhaust filters remove 95% of particulate from diesel engine exhausts ensuring site personnel are protected from harmful fumes.

Download the product sheet here.



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