Defence & National Rehabilitation Centre Project

13th July 2016

Defence & National Rehabilitation Centre Project, RVT Group

RVT Group is proud to support a large international construction group involved on a £200 million defence establishment project at the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC) at Stanford Hall in Loughborough.

The scope of works includes the construction of a new specialist clinical facility, and an extensive refurbishment to the existing Grade II Listed Stanford Hall.

Due to the age of the existing building, there are extensive areas of prestigious art décor and woodwork, creating an environment where stringent control measures must be introduced to prevent damage.

RVT Group was contacted to provide a specialist temperature control solution, focusing particularly on humidity and temperature control.

Key factors to take into consideration were the building's age and that the existing heating system was to be decommissioned. So it was paramount that a system be installed that could ensure maintenance of a steady heat throughout the area.

However, that in itself presented a further complication – the woodwork and art décor must remain dry. So in addition to maintaining adequate heat, RVT Group supplemented the system with humidity control measures to prevent humidity levels dropping too low, or rising too high.

RVT Group attended site on a number of occasions, working with the design team to provide a temporary Indirect Oil Fired Heating Solution. A solution that's particularly suited to this application, by providing warm, dry heat only into the work areas.

All heaters had thermostatic control to ensure maximum fuel efficiency could be achieved, as well as to ensure a constant and correct temperature be maintained within the area at all times.

Finally, to keep an accurate check on the humidity levels, Thermo-Hygrometers were placed strategically around the work site. Each meter logs data and gives a visual reading to the site management team, allowing them to continually monitor conditions inside the areas concerned.

"RVT Group takes the responsibility of working on this scope of project seriously, and we feel honoured to be included in prestigious projects such as these."

- Craig Chattell, RVT Group Sales Executive



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