Customer survey yields first £5000 for children in need

3rd August 2015

Customer survey yields first £5000 for children in need, RVT Group

This was thanks to the participation of customers in our NPS Customer Satisfaction survey, together with the generous donations from within the RVT team. A delegation of our operations and customer service staff presented a cheque at Darent Valley Hospital on Thursday 25th June 2015.

The Lollipop fund is dedicated to raising funds to enhance healthcare for children with serious illness. Donations so far have enabled the introduction of expensive specialist equipment that improves the chances of full recovery for sick children. Each fresh donation provides scope for further enhancement, both to the specialist care at Darent Valley Hospital and the provision of overnight facilities for the parents of children in care. RVT's donation was very gratefully received.

For every NPS Customer Survey that was completed, RVT made a donation of £2.50 to the Lollipop Fund. We thank every customer that completed a questionnaire for participating in this worthy cause.

At RVT Rentavent, we value all customer feedback as a measure of how well we are fulfilling customer needs, and are always glad to find ways that we can better serve our customers. We are compiling all the responses and will be identifying the areas in which we can improve our customer service still further.

We wish every continued success to the Lollipop Fund in the great work that's being done for children in special need.



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