Customer Service Course Grads

17th September 2018

Customer Service Course Grads, RVT Group

RVT Group would like to congratulate our latest graduates fresh out of an in-house Telephone Etiquette course.

We're extremely proud of our customer service team and, as you'll know if you're an existing customer, they always provide the highest level of customer service. But we also understand the importance of ongoing training to maintain these high standards and to streamline existing methods or learn new ones. Both of which help ensure queries are handled more efficiently to maintain our excellent customer relationships.

This recent Telephone Etiquette course hosted by Kevin Biesty from The Telephone Consultancy & Training Company, was tailored specifically to our team and the specific scenarios they encounter regularly, making it relevant and immediately actionable.

Huge congratulations from all at RVT goes out to:

  • Silas Fleck
  • Rachel Hayward
  • Emma Sweeney
  • Julie Swanborough
  • Ketsia Chattell
  • Rosanne Hicks
  • Carmen Tunley

Team Leader, Silas Fleck, commented, "A hugely worthwhile training day with many interesting tips and ideas to bring forward into our day-to-day customer service roles. Whilst we've always been proud of our customer service team and the level of service our customers receive, this training ensures we remain at the top of our game and continually offer a top-notch service to our customers and prospective customers."

Keep up the great work team!



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