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14th February 2018

Construction Occupational Health, RVT Group
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Attending the recent Institute of Civil Engineer's Health Summit in London was a highly informative and stimulating day. Key delegates included Senior Executives and SHEQ Personnel from major UK and global contractors, as well as SME's and independent consultants.

ICE had multiple purposes for this year's Health Summit:

  1. To raise awareness of health issues on construction sites
  2. To showcase work taking place that's making improvements to construction site health
  3. To educate delegates on how to manage workplace ill-health
  4. To initiate discussions on the best approach to address and minimise ill-health within the industry

The summit was very successful in fulfilling its purposes.

Renowned guest speakers within the industry campaigned for a sector-wide increase in focus on occupational health issues. And encouragingly, the response we saw was agreement among the major contractors on the need to engage their supply chain and put adequate control measures in place to minimise health risks on construction sites.

So often, we hear the main roadblock to controlling site health risks is the perception that it will create additional cost. ICE's Health Summit challenged this idea by looking at the price of control measures versus the cost that ill-health has on the workforce as a whole.

Better conditions equate to reduced absenteeism and claims, which helps improve productivity.

Showcasing our range of equipment that helps protect the health of site workers, we were delighted to meet with delegates and discuss the issues they face and their strategies on how best to combat them. And as always, we discussed how RVT can support them to further protect their workers from needless exposure to health hazards.

Julian Hayward, RVT Sales Director commented, "The ICE Health Summit opened our eyes to the real cost of ill health to the construction industry. Which begs the question; price, or cost?"



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