Breathe Freely Breakfast Event

29th July 2016

Breathe Freely Breakfast Event, RVT Group

RVT Group was extremely proud to be the sole sponsor at the first Breathe Freely breakfast event, organised by Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection and held on 21st July at the Ansty Hall Hotel near Coventry.

It was a time when many companies within the construction industry joined forces to fight a common danger and work towards a common goal – to tackle the threat of occupational lung disease amongst construction workers.

Construction site workers are at high risk of contracting an occupational disease. In particular lung cancer. And it's estimated that 3,500 former construction workers die of occupational cancer each year.

In fact, construction workers are 100 times more likely to die from a disease caused by work than from an accident on site.

The Breathe Freely event was a way for managers and site supervisors responsible for the health of workers on site, to come together and listen to speakers from industry, the HSE, and BOHS talk about this growing issue and discuss preventative measures.

Around 70 delegates within the construction industry attended. Esteemed speakers included Mike Slater (past BOHS President), Tim Shambrook (Health Risk Management Unit at the HSE), Mark Blundy (H&S Director at Bowmer & Kirkland) as well as our own Vern Harrington, who closed the event with a presentation on Effective Control Made Possible for Temporary Applications.

In addition, there was an eye-opening informative open forum to discuss the three biggest challenges facing health in construction. This gave the BOHS valuable insights to aid the direction of their campaign.

Tim Dupont, RVT Group Director, commented:

"This was a great opportunity to support the Breathe Freely Campaign. They're doing incredible work in raising awareness within the construction industry of the dangers and the damage to long term health from dust and other pollutants found on construction sites.

We were encouraged to see so much support, and to be part of a rare event where companies across the construction industry work together to fight this growing issue. Placing the health of their workers as a priority.

We're looking forward to continuing our strong support of these worthy Breathe Freely events.

Watch this space!"



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