Box Tunnel – British engineering excellence lives on!

25th September 2015

Box Tunnel – British engineering excellence lives on!, RVT Group

Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and constructed between 1836 and 1841, it has remained in constant service to this day.

During July and August 2015, another feat of British engineering was accomplished in Box Tunnel and the surrounding area. In just six weeks, the orange army of Network Rail successfully undertook a mammoth amount of work, lowering 10km of track through Dundas Aqueduct, Box Tunnel, Middle Hill Tunnel and Sydney Gardens.

RVT Rentavent played a crucial role in the project, providing the ventilation throughout Box Tunnel. Due to the length and height of Box Tunnel, this was a significant challenge, and the expertise of RVT's advisors came into full play. Read more about the specialist solution that we developed in the downloadable case study.



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