Boasting Exceptional Size

27th June 2017

Boasting Exceptional Size , RVT Group

To minimise the impact of excess noise on the health of site personnel, and the disturbance to nearby members of the public, noisy tasks should be carried out within a sound-control enclosure. But this can get tricky when large pieces of equipment, such as generators, need containing. Or when large sections of material are being worked on - such as cutting 8'x4' sheets. Effectively containing the equipment whilst giving workers plenty of room to carry out the task successfully, requires a large and spacious enclosure.

Enter RVT's E9/2 Performance Maxi Enclosure. Boasting exceptional size, including a pitched roof, this noise control enclosure provides ample room to operate large machinery whilst protecting those passing by outside.

Perfect for remedial works in live retail environments as well as street works, our E9/2 Maxi Enclosure is easy to transport, quick to set up and can reduce noise by up to 20dB (in a practical application).

Watch our demo video here.



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