Best Practice at LoHAC Safety Health & Environment Fayre

17th August 2015

Best Practice at LoHAC Safety Health & Environment Fayre, RVT Group

Split into four regions, LoHAC (London Highways Alliance Contact) brings together several contractors across London to ensure best service in all areas. In July 2015, a collaborative LoHAC event was hosted by EM Highway Services Ltd, the contractor assigned to the South area of London, to demonstrate good work and innovative practices taking place on current contracts.

The event was an excellent example of sharing best practice across an industry, with the common objective of enhancing safety, health and care for personnel and the surrounding environment. Volker Highways, part of the joint venture that is assigned to the Central London area, invited RVT Rentavent to attend as UK specialists in temporary environment control, with the specific focus of noise control.

RVT's exhibitor stand proved very popular with a range of Soundex noise control products available to inspect, including noise enclosures, barriers, and also the micro barrier.

The micro barrier's exceptional effectiveness was demonstrated with use of a small generator. With the micro barrier in place, hardly a head turned when the generator was fired up, but when the micro barrier was removed, all those nearby the stand turned to see what the sudden increase in noise was caused by.

RVT Rentavent's highly experienced sales consultants were able to advise and instruct the numerous visitors to the stand on the best ways to control noise at source and ensure safety and wellbeing for workers, but also acceptable noise levels for the surrounding environment.

RVT congratulates LoHAC on organising a great industry event which offered high levels of training and instruction. It will protect lives, wellbeing and happiness across many construction sites in the UK, and this is something that RVT cares passionately about. A big thank you to Volker Highways for the opportunity to attend.



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