BOHS Training Graduates

4th October 2018

BOHS Training Graduates, RVT Group

Huge congratulations go out to our latest BOHS graduates. The three courses recently undertaken by some of our RVT team were:

  • W201 Basic Principles in Occupational Health
  • W503 Noise: Measurement and its Effects
  • W505 Control of Hazardous Substances

The Basic Principles in Occupational Hygiene course aims to help students recognise, evaluate and control hazards that can be faced in the workplace.

Hazards are present across all industries. It's the duty of all employers to ensure their staff are equipped with the knowledge to recognise and manage potential dangers in their work setting. This not only benefits each employee, but also the employer by helping to reduce work-related illness and injury which can prove costly.

For successfully completing the W201 course, we extend our congratulations to:

  • Julian Hayward
  • Craig Chattell
  • Giles Chattell
  • Tom Gray
  • Caleb Taylor
  • Cameron Hicks
  • Vern Harrington
  • Vince Crane
  • Edward Taylor
  • Tim Dupont
  • Noeleen Carter-Paice

The Noise: Measurement and its Effects course is a core module for the International Occupational Hygiene Certificate. It instructs attendees on how to understand the nature of noise hazards in the workplace and their effects, how to assess workplace and environmental noise, and how to assess the significance of this data against compliance standards.

For successfully completing the W503 course, congratulations go to:

  • Caleb Taylor
  • Vince Crane
  • Edward Taylor

The Control of Hazardous Substances course is also a core module for the International Occupational Hygiene Certificate. Its aim is for students to learn how exposure to hazardous substances arises and to build on their existing knowledge for controlling exposures and reducing the risks to health.

For successfully completing the W505 course, congratulations go to:

  • Vern Harrington
  • Vince Crane
  • Edward Taylor

Tim Dupont comments "We are committed to significantly and continually investing in our staff. We believe training should be an ongoing programme for each and every employee, and not just a one-off event. Our training programme at RVT not only includes high level technical and customer service training, but also ongoing soft-skill training and coaching.

"BOHS training courses are widely recognised and respected as one of the leading training programmes in Occupational Hygiene in the world. We have carefully analysed and selected specific RVT related courses that will ensure our clients and our customers' clients have access to a number of in-house professionals within our technical team.

"Because of our 25 years of experience working closely with a wide variety of fast-paced, high-pressure construction sites, we can ensure the theory is applied correctly and practically within each and every site situation."

Well done team, we're proud of you!



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