Accurate Real-Time Dust Monitor

31st May 2017

Accurate Real-Time Dust Monitor, RVT Group

Designed for those who need to monitor and manage outdoor dust and particle emissions continuously and in real-time, RVT's Dust Sentry is a nephelometer-based instrument that delivers affordable and accurate measurement of PM10, PM2.5, PM1, or TSP.

Adhering to regulation standards is paramount when working on construction sites, to ensure the good health of site workers is maintained; preventing occupational diseases remains a top priority.

Dust is one such high-risk hazard to health, particularly with dust being prevalent on most sites. If dust particles aren't effectively managed, continual exposure could result in lung disorders and other diseases. Dust monitoring should be conducted to measure and assess the concentration of airborne dust in the environment.

Weighing less than 13kg, our robust Dust Sentry accurately reports in one-minute intervals and can be run off remote power systems. Featuring Aeroqual Connect and Aeroqual Cloud software, it allows you to view the results in your browser and remotely access data on any device, even when your instrument is offline.

Use the Dust Sentry to meet regulations and protect your workers affordably, effectively and continually.

Download the product sheet here.



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