Steel Mobile 300mm 110v 32a Centrifugal Fan

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VENTEX® FA300CF - Steel Mobile 300mm 110v 32a Centrifugal Fan



The VENTEX 300CF Centrifugal Fan is particularly suited to extracting any hot fumes or paint fumes because the motor is not in the airflow, also where long duct runs are required to remove the fumes to atmosphere.


Alternatively, the fan can be used in conjunction with extended Wandafilta units to create negative pressures and filter out dust and fumes.


Wathc the video below to see the FA300CF used in conjunction with the Extended Wandafilta.




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Key product features:

  • High powered centrifugal fan
  • 110V Supply
  • Long duct runs up to 80 metres
  • Mobile
  • Use for dust and fume filtration
  • Suitable for extraction of exhaust or paint fumes
  • Available with soft start


Key applications:

  • High temperature extraction
  • Volatile fume extraction
  • Long distance ventilation

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