Steel Skid Mounted 1250 mm 415v 32a Axial Fan

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VENTEX® FA1250SA - Steel Skid Mounted 1250 mm 415v 32a Axial Fan



The VENTEX FA1250SA Axial Fan is both powerful and manoeuvrable. This fan is particularly suited to providing large airflows to ventilate tunnels, as well as top-down basement construction projects.

With a 70,000 m3/hr airflow capacity, powerful 415v motors and skid-mounted, this fan provides thorough ventilation when you need it most.

And as an added benefit, the FA1250SA fan can also be used to create a negative pressure when needed within retail warehouses and distribution centres.


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Key product features:

  • Huge 70 ,000 m3/hr airflows
  • Skid Mounted for manoeuvrability
  • Powerful 415v motors
  • Used for ventilation of tunnels, warehouses, railway stations, retail stores etc.
  • Multiple units used for large volume air movement


Key applications:

  • Basement ventilation
  • Tunnels
  • Warehouse fume extraction

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