Soundex Curtain - PLF-Tech

1250mm x 2050mm Acoustic Curtain

Soundex RVT Group

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Soundex Curtain - PLF-Tech - 1250mm x 2050mm Acoustic Curtain



Representing the best temporary acoustic curtain currently available, with BS EN attenuation rating of 35.6 dB and an absorption coefficient of 1.0. The Soundex® PLF-Tech Curtain is recommended for use in the most extreme of noise sensitive environments, including hospitals, laboratories and government offices, where disturbance must be minimised.

Once sealed off with PLF-Tech Curtains, normal activities can continue as normal.

Easily installed with eyelets for suspension and a unique velcro fastening for an unbroken barrier.


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Key product features:

  • Exceptional noise reduction, up to 35.6 dB
  • 1250 x 2050mm
  • Easy palletised transportation
  • Fully printed personalisation available
  • Manufactured in the UK


Key applications:

  • Suspended off scaffold façades during demolition
  • Suspended off temporary fencing during street utility works
  • Suspended off fencing surrounding generators
  • Lining internal party walls

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