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Monitex Dust Monitor - Dust Monitor



The Monitex Dust Monitor is designed for those who need to monitor and manage dust and particle emissions continuously and in real-time.This unit is a nephelometer-based instrument that delivers affordable and accurate measurement of PM10, PM2.5, PM1, or TSP.

Compared to reference-equivalent monitors like TEOMs and BAMs, the Dust Sentry reports accurately at 1 minute interval.

In addition, the Dust Sentry weighs less than 13kg, is mobile and able to run off remote power systems.

Unlike other continuous real-time dust monitors the Dust Sentry is built to deliver long-term monitoring in all conditions. It has a robust enclosure with integrated solar shielding, 20 years of on-board data storage, a wide range of outputs for flexible integration, and a suite of optional environmental sensors e.g. wind, noise, weather, solar to choose from.

Now the Dust Sentry comes with two powerful software systems with no additional charge - Aeroqual Connect and Aeroqual Cloud. Connect is the instrument operating software. It opens in your browser so there is no software to install or update. With Aeroqual Cloud you can remotely access real time data on any device.


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Key product features:

  • Physical measurement of TSP, PM10, PM2.5 or PM1 mass fractions (not particle counting)
  • Measures and reports data in 1 minute intervals with user selectable averaging
  • MCERTS certified accuracy and repeatability
  • On board storage for over 20 years of data
  • Rugged weatherproof enclosure with solar shielding for very hot climates
  • Quick set up and relocation in under 10 minutes
  • Email / SMS alerts and FTP data export (optional)
  • Optional plug and play environmental sensors


Key applications:

  • Urban and national air monitoring networks
  • Industrial perimeter monitoring: construction and waste sites, quarries and mines, ports and bulk handling terminals, transport hubs
  • Near road: motorways, street canyons, traffic information systems
  • Mobile vehicle mounted monitoring
  • Short term monitoring of 'hot spots'
  • Community exposure: epidemiological studies, microenvironment, residential, schools, hospitals
  • Environmental Impact Assessments

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