Ravex Mobile Welding Filter

Mobile Welding Fume Filter

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Ravex Mobile Welding Filter - Mobile Welding Fume Filter



The Ravex Mobile Welding Filter unit can be used universally for all types of welding stations.

This sturdy yet compact, highly mobile unit, can be equipped with an extraction arm - which can be two or three meters in length - enabling fume capture at source.

Whether welding on site or in a workshop, this is your fume control solution.


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Key product features:

  • Suitable for all welding stations
  • Compact, highly mobile design
  • Increased fume capturing efficiency through new hood design
  • Rugged plastic housing
  • Cleanable cartridge filter of BIA dust classification M
  • Pneumatic filter cleaning manually with compressed air gun


Key applications:

  • Welding of crash decks
  • On site welding
  • Industry workshop welding
  • Welding on construction steel frameworks

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