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Exhaust fume extraction kit

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RAVEX® RAV SCF - Exhaust fume extraction kit



The RAV SCF Exhaust Fume Extraction Kit comprises of a very powerful centrifugal fan capable of discharging through up to 80 metres of ducting, and comes complete with an initial high temperature silicon/neoprene ducting, followed by heavy duty discharge ducting.

Quick and easy to setup, the fan intake is attached to the exhaust outlet via a steel flexible hose and secured by an exhaust pipe clamp adaptor.



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Key product features:

  • Powerful 110v centrifugal fans extracting fumes directly from exhaust pipes venting to atmosphere
  • Suitable for static plant including generators, piling rigs and compressors
  • Up to 80m flexible ducting runs, without in-line fans
  • Extraction from exhaust pipes up to 200mm Ø
  • Proven extraction on up to 250 kva generator


Key applications:

  • Exhaust fume extraction from internal piling operations
  • Generator & compressor exhaust fume extraction

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