Maximum power. Maximum filtration.

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WANDAFILTA® KIT Extended - Maximum power. Maximum filtration.



The Extended Wandafilta® Kit provides a powerful extraction and filtration kit, enabling filtered negative pressures to be achieved and effective purification of air in high-dust settings. It is capable of moving 6000 cubic metres of air per hour and can maintain pressure over long runs. Quick to set up and very mobile, the Extended Wandafilta® is in a class of its own.


Watch the video below to see the Extended Wandafilta® in action.




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Key product features:

  • Powerful fan moving 6000m3/hr
  • Washable filters
  • Dust capture hood options
  • Maintains pressure over long duct runs
  • Mobile


Key applications:

  • Office refurbishments
  • Hospital refurbishments
  • General demolition

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