Dustex HydraMist 40GT

Self-contained dust suppression

Dustex RVT Group

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Dustex HydraMist 40GT - Self-contained dust suppression



Comprising water cannon, water tank and generator, the Dustex HydraMist 40GT can be deployed to control dust even in remote locations.

The powerful cannon can spray a mist of water particles over an area of up to 4,600m2 at distances of up to 40 metres. The on-board water tank has a generous 2000 litre capacity to allow up to 85 minutes use on one tank.


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Key product features:

  • All-in-one unit containing water droplet cannon, water tank and generator
  • 20kW three-phase generator
  • 2000l water tank
  • Up to 85 minutes use per tankful of water
  • Dimensions inc towbar and wheels: 450 x 225 x 264cm
  • Dry weight: 2700kg


Key applications:

  • Suppressing dust over wide areas outdoors
  • Self-contained solution allows deployment where other units can't get to

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