Dustex Dust-Trap

Robust, easy to install dust containment

Dustex RVT Group

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Dustex Dust-Trap - Robust, easy to install dust containment



The Dustex Dust-Trap provides highly effective dust containment on site. At 2.5m x 2.5m, it is large enough to contain many on-site cutting and drilling activities, and can be combined with dust extraction / ventilation to control and filter the dust within the tent before releasing to outside.


The Dust-Trap is lightweight and can be mobile if required. Taking less than 5 minutes to install, it is flexible and convenient for on-site requirements, and fits on to a pallet for ease of transportation to and from site.


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Key product features:

  • Quick to erect
  • Modular options
  • Mobile options
  • Flame retardant
  • Dust extraction / ventilation options


Key applications:

  • Replacement of floor tiles in large internal areas i.e.; shopping malls, stations and airports
  • Dust containment during localised cement mixing operations
  • Heat traps for localised heating

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