HE50KID Mobile Heater

Mobile indirect oil fired heater

Climex RVT Group

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HE50KID Mobile Heater - Mobile indirect oil fired heater



The HE50KID delivers 50kW of dry heat (unlike gas heaters, which release moisture). It is usually sited externally, supplying heat into buildings or enclosed areas via flexible ducting, and creating a positive pressure which allows large volumes of space to be heated from a single heater. The flow of warm heat through a building results in moisture being released from, surfaces often eliminating the need of dehumidifiers in a drying out programme.

The video below shows the steps to follow to ensure smooth running of the heater, including how to change its filter.



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Key product features:

  • Oil fired
  • 50kW heat output
  • Mobile
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Capable of long duct runs
  • Thermostat options
  • Electrics run from a single 110v supply


Key applications:

  • Drying out of new build construction projects
  • Maintaining ambient temperatures for specialist finishing and flooring trades
  • Maintaining ambient temperatures during painting of encapsulated bridges and structures

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