“Our vision is a world where the impact of site work on life and health is effectively zero.”

About us

RVT Group formerly RVT Rentavent

About us

RVT Group launched 1993 as Rentavent

Back in 1993, we launched RVT by hiring out ventilation equipment to some basement works at MI5 in London. Over the next two decades, we've grown into the UK's leading supplier of dust, fume and exhaust fume extraction equipment, heating/cooling and noise control products.

RVT Group servicing the UK

As we've expanded, we've opened new sites to make sure we can supply our customers across the UK. In addition to our main office in Dartford we now have branches in Northampton, Chester and Northern Ireland, ensuring that we can provide equipment to you quickly - wherever you are.

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RVT Group specialists in dust, noise and fume control

Why we are your number one choice

RVT Group dedicated to long term health of workers

We're the UK's only hire company dedicated to the long-term health of your workers. With a huge range of specialist equipment designed to deal with many types of workplace, you'll benefit from solutions that are cost-effective, fit for purpose and that deliver results efficiently and effectively.

RVT Group innovation in hazard control on site

Over more than 20 years we have constantly innovated to ensure that the fume, dust, noise and temperature control solutions we offer are of the highest quality. Our dedicated research department is always working on new products and underlines our commitment to realising our aim of 'zero risk' on site.


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